Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Inter Hall Games

NUS IHG 0910 has begun!!!

Click the here or the logo to enter IHG 0910 website

Hhaha it strated yesterday with tennis. The weather was terrific! Imagine it rained everyday right up to yesterday, the day the games begun. The LORD is graciously good! As usual ^^

I was about to complain about the heat again today, but you don't complain about what you asked hahaha...

First day of games is a bit of a bigger challenge for us than we anticipated, but nothing really big that could go wrong went wrong, so yay! The LORD is good to us.

Just one problem...

We have a website on which live updates on the games results could be found...but the website could not be detected on search engines. -.-

So before we could fix that, lets just be more creative huh? :p

So dear NUS hallers, here's the link