Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shortlisted for scholarship!

I applied for a teaching scholarship from Singapore’s Ministry of Education. An email arrived today to say that I have been shortlisted for interview next Tuesday! Hurray! Thank you, Lord! ^^

I had the opportunity to talk to many educators and educators-to-be, who shared their aspirations and spread their ‘educator’s propaganda’ to me. Jee I have never really dreamed of becoming a teacher, honestly didn’t think it would be much of an adventure. But with so many of such encounters, I can’t help but wonder if they were cues from Upstairs. :p

Well, all I know is that I prayed for $$ (jing-jing), hehe… and this scholarship seem like a likely answer.
Trust and obey, right? God put the adventure in me, surely He would provide the outlet too. ;)

Happy Endings

I was watching the last episode of the comedy series The Nanny on Hallmark last night, and thought, too bad such a good show is coming to an end...*lump in the troat*
I guess we get that too often huh? Well at least I do. I hate endings; as much as I try to be optimistic, sometimes I'd rather be sentimental.

I figure endings are sad because it marks that something good is‘no more’, we want good times to continue forever. But sometimes continuing may give the opposite effect, e.g. turning a good story stale, or something bad comes and ruins it all. So, optimist (like me) will say, endings are good; they will be happy endings if we see them not as an end, but a beginning of something that is as good, or even better: The end of an acting role is the beginning of fresh opportunities, and the end of a decade (…for those who hate growing old…) is the beginning of another, along with its shares of sorrow and laughter.

And then there are those endings to which no amount of optimism can cure…can there be happy endings to those?
Those will become either the worst, or the best endings of all, and it all depends on whether we know the Master of All Endings And Happy Endings. Now that is something to hope for.