Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Time! ^^

Merry Christmas everyone! May this Christmas bring added bonus to your relationship with Christ =) It certainly had to mine.

Regretfully I couldn't return to KL to meet friends and family there (sorry dearest loved ones)... 'Couldn't or wouldn't? That is the question'
Well, deciding to cut down my 14 days of true holiday with my parents (after all the activities in Hall) in exchange for time spent with you all shouldn't be too hard to do as I really do miss you, but at the early stage of leaving an empty nest (again :p) for my parents, I would really rather spend all 14 days (even more if permitted) tagging along with them and not go anywhere else. I'm sure you would understand.
But believe me, I'm missing some of you too much to keep away for much longer, so I pray we'll meet soon =)

I spent Christmas travelling with my parents in the South of the country, visiting all the village churches to celebrate Christmas with them. That would mean having Holy communion everyday for 5 consecutive days! haha.. The weather was, as usual these days, often raining, but sunny otherwise. Oh the stars in the villages! I could see the Milky Way ^^. The starry-ness in the villages will not stay the same for long, as all of them have electricity supply now, either from a town nearby, or from a solar station. But for now, the nights remains free of artificial light when it is sleeping time, and the stars can still have thier stage. =)

NUS Semester 1 results was released on the 22nd of Dec this year...a sad day for me.
I'm ashamed, but I want to let it be known here so that pretense will not be an option for me (pretending that all is well and carrying on with no improvement), and more importantly that I may have your prayers:
I failed a Math which is a compulsory module (compulsory for my majoring in Physics). It's implications are many, survivable but many. Do pray for me, pray that I will be deligent in learning my lessons. =)

My parents are the greatest channels of blessings the LORD placed in my life! The blessings come in the form of advice, support, correction, and comfort. They do the most unexpected, and you are reminded that they do so because that is what the LORD does for you.

I'm back in Singapore now, arrived 3 hours ago from writing this sentence ^^.

Christmas presents from my parents: New shoes for floorball (love it) Blanket (love it! ^^) and a brand new guitar! (love it love it!)

I get presents not because it is Christmas, but because Chrsitmas seem like a good excuse for (in reverse order) the stuff thay want to get me, the stuff they want to give me, and the stuff I want to get! haha

Oh! oh! you should see my old shoes they both turn chrocodile on me on the same day and for all ball practices after that I amuse everyone by showing them the panda eyes on my socks peeping out from my shoes...Bye bye shoes! :p

Thanks for stopping by, next time perhaps I'll explain more of what Hall is about =)

Happy New Year!