Monday, May 3, 2010

The Inter-Hall Games Epilogue

6 weeks of be exact, a 38 days period excluding 3 days without games in between...6 weeks and not for one game did the weather the went wrong.

It was January and February, smack in the middle of the monsoon season. We were on a tight timeline and do not wish whatsoever to activate wet weather plans and postponements. And so we prayed, my co-vice and I.

By the end of the first week I knew deep down that the LORD intends to answer our prayers all the way. We prayed for no rain, and God gave us sun. On days that is rained, it stoped before the games would start. On the days that it poured, those were the days when there were either no outdoor games scheduled, or no games at all; it was as if it pour to clear the skies for a sunny day tomorrow. The entire Singapore island could be under a thunderstorm (so says the weather nowcast), and all NUS would get was a huge black cloud, a wind and a few sad droplets of rain, and the games would go on.

For 16 sports and all their games, not one had to be posponed due to bad weather conditions. I am telling you this with all confidence because we kept watch, we watched and we prayed; and all through those 38 gruesome, stressful, tiring, and emotionally draining days of the Inter-hall Games, I had at least one thing to praise and thank God for everyday--the prayer answered.

I asked the LORD why? Why did it pleased Him to answer this particular unsignificant prayer? And He said to strengthen your faith, My dear child, so you would learn of My faithfulness; and because it pleases Me that you prayed it for My Name's sake.

That is why I am sharring this with you, just as I have with many durring and after the games, not to boast of my prayer being answered, but to boast of His doing, compassion and faithfulness.
The dear LORD Jesus Christ is GOD of the skies, and God of the heart.

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